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Today we are going to look at Carp kites.


Japanese koinobori or carp kites are special kites in the shape of a fish called a koi. The koi fish is very special in Japan as it is a symbol of strength. These flags are often flown during the time of a major Japanese holiday called Children's Day.

Families hang colourful carp kites outside their houses. The kites flutter in the wind and look beautiful.  In Japanese culture, the carp (or koi) represents courage and perseverance, as the fish is known for its strength and determination as it swims against the current upstream.


When you have coloured and decorated your carp kite and cut it out, ask an adult to help you stick it into a cylinder. Add a piece of wool or string to the mouth of the fish and tie the other end to a pencil. 


Then all you need to do is run!