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Celebrating your Home Learning

Remember to check out the Video Resource Centre (select on drop-down menu when you have clicked on Children option) to listen to and view Year 6 Home Learning projects and challenges - there have been some new additions!

You could listen to AB read his own story; follow OJY's HIT session; hear KJ recite from The Highway Man poem & HS recite a poem he learnt; see WR perform a song he wrote and OP & OJY a poem penned by themselves - go and look!

Your work in the new Summer Term!

EB sequence for The Highway Man - tricky work!
EB Athens vs Sparta comparison - ex ellent!
EB battle of Marathon timeline - fab work!
OP sequence for The Highwayman - great
WR Platinum Corbett - great start on 20.4.20!
CD English work - great standard
More CD English work 21.4 - great!
CD perfect form English task - very accurate!
CD Scale factor maths - great!
EB perfect form English work
And more from EB - well done!
CD Flutag work - excellent!
CD more Flutag - really enjoyed this work today!
CD Flutag - very neat!
CD accurate volume maths work - great!
EB word scramble - it was tricky!
OP Flutag design - great!
OP Flutag main task - escellent!
WR Flutag work - enjoyed the YouTube film!
WR Flutag task - excellent!
EB Flutag punctuation task - excellent!
EB cat - why not? Tired after a long play!
EB volume maths work - accurate!
WR saw the fox catch its breakfast this morning!
EB creative writing - excellent!
WR writing: love the use of repetition for effect!
WR survival kit - excellent!
DC how calming is this photo? Beautiful...
DC and how clever is this? Reflection
WR brilliant Corbett maths 28.4!
WR spot-on with equivalent fractions - fab!
WR recommends his new book!
WR English blog writing - great!
EB completes her cycling challenge - star!
SG blog writing for English - good work!
EB science experiment with baking soda!
OP time capsule
SG and Dad making quick sand!
WR Corbett - fab work!
WR ratio work 28.4 - accurate answers!
WR on his London to Brighton cycle challenge: fab!
WR: quality book time - lovely to see!
EB homemade lava lamp - excellent!
EB: is the lamp working?
EB ratio work - well done!
EB time capsule booklet - memories written!
CD excellent maths work 30.4
CD measuring salt for science egg experiment
CD science
CD The Piano story - very moving
WR quadrilaterals work - neat drawing
More quadrilaterals from WR
AB arithmetic with an audience!
CT: look how much Bluebell has grown!
CT: green fingers!
CT Time Capsule - focus on the positive!
CD learning to sew: making clothes for ND's dolls!
EB's been busy creating a gingerbread house
Looks scrumptious!
EB: can you make out the hedgehog in the garden?
KC 5.5 - what fab work today!
KC sunflowers peeping up!
KC strawberries too!
CD optical illusion - fabulous!
EB preparing for VE Day
EB: what a fab idea!
EB: very colourful and patriotic bunting
Meet BoBo - EB's cat!
EB homemade lemonade: does she like?!
EB science experiment making lemonade
WR drawing VE Day bunting
WR celebrating VE Day
CT enjoying a VE Day afternoon tea - yum!
CT science experiment - poking the volcano!
KC cycling challenge - well done!
WR art lesson - that's brilliant!
EB hedgehog cake - how fab??
EB cake - looking at the snout!
CD VE Day afternoon tea - yum!
EB recipe for a friend - perfect!
Fantastic English work from WR!
And some brilliant work on time in maths - go WR!
JR decorated for VE Day - brilliant!
JR waiting to celebrate VE Day!
CT creating a new dessert - wow!
CT tucking in to that dessert - yum!
EB's hedgehogs in her garden
EB's sunflowers - reaching for the sky!

Read KJ's re-telling of The Piano

KC Crossbar Challenge

Still image for this video

CD & ND science lesson

Still image for this video

What's in our garden? Tuesday 21st April

CD: what kind of tree?
EB: what's this in my garden?
EB: what's changed?
WR: can you name the flower?
WR: what fruit might grow from this blossom?
CT: meet Bluebell!
CT: how old do you think she is?
KJ garden
KJ: how many plant pots have you spotted?
OJY Garden Challenge: what is it?
Who has a magical garden?
DC: very artistic!
Whose garden do you think this might be?
AR's garden: any ideas?
More strange objects in AR's garden...
SG herb garden - which can you name?

Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April