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Celebrating your Home Learning

Remember to check out the Video Resource Centre (select on drop-down menu when you have clicked on Children option) to listen to and view Year 6 Home Learning projects and challenges - there have been some new additions!

You could listen to AB read his own story; follow OJY's HIT session; hear KJ recite from The Highway Man poem & HS recite a poem he learnt; see WR perform a song he wrote and OP & OJY a poem penned by themselves - go and look!

Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April

Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 1
Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 2
Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 3
Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 4
Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 5
Extreme Reading Challenge, Friday 3rd April 6

Your work!

Your work! 1 KJ science work - fabulous!
Your work! 2 Neat maths work from OJY - perfect!
Your work! 3 WR clay sculpture lesson - very impressive!
Your work! 4 CD Hula hoop challenge - keep going!!
Your work! 5 Harry Potter-themed writing from OJY - well done!
Your work! 6 OJy science: Match of the Day book created shadow!
Your work! 7 Fabulous English from CD - brilliant!
Your work! 8 How neat is this maths work from CD??
Your work! 9 How neat? I can read it WR!!
Your work! 10 HS shortbread - looking very proud - wow!
Your work! 11 Spot of cricket during break time - OJY ready!
Your work! 12 KJ very proud of her English work - excellent!
Your work! 13 EB personal handstand challenge - she can do itt
Your work! 14 EB raven story starter - brilliant!
Your work! 15 CD opening paragraph to raven short story - fab!
Your work! 16 OJY story starter - fabulous vocabulary!
Your work! 17 WR writing - love the "bone-chilling" phrase!
Your work! 18 HS - can't beat that score - fab!
Your work! 19 WR - songwriting for English - and playing guitar!
Your work! 20 CD - creative challenge?! Made me smile!
Your work! 21 AR - can't get any better than that - well done!
Your work! 22 SG raven story starter - excellent!
Your work! 23 SG invites you to meet Kevin...fabulous!
Your work! 24 EB cats & dogs shortbread - looks delicious!
Your work! 25 CT - 1st page of hid raven story: super vocabulary
Your work! 26 CT - page 2
Your work! 27 WR - 100% arithmetic - fab work!
Your work! 28 CD Ancient Greeks timeline - well done!
Your work! 29 EB water colour butterfly - very beautiful!
Your work! 30 OJY Ancient Greece timeline - excellent work!
Your work! 31 EB timeline - excellent work!
Your work! 32 JR Ancient Greeks work - well done!
Your work! 33 SG - the only one to complete all 3 - fab!!
Your work! 34 CD Anne Frank comprehension - finished by 9.30!
Your work! 35 CD - and beautifully neat - well done!
Your work! 36 CD maths - a page of ticks!
Your work! 37 WR Ancient Olympics venn diagram - excellent!
Your work! 38 WR excellent maths!
Your work! 39 And more maths!
Your work! 40 And more, more maths - well done WR!
Your work! 41 AR tortoise - out of hibernation!
Your work! 42 Meet Tilly and Ivan - AR's tortoises!
Your work! 43 CD pronouns work - well done!
Your work! 44 CD page 2 - beautifully neat!
Your work! 45 WR maths work 1.4: there were 4 pages of fab work!
Your work! 46 WR pronouns: I would be so pleased with how neat!
Your work! 47 EB pronouns work - lots of ticks!
Your work! 48 EB Masterchef dessert - love this photo!
Your work! 49 EB maths 1.4 - really accurate work!
Your work! 50 CD poem - delightful & very Dr Zeuss!
Your work! 51 ES winter tunnel poem - well done!
Your work! 52 CD - brilliant maths problem solving 2.4 - fab!
Your work! 53 CD - this is what a Critter looks like!
Your work! 54 EB Train Line poem - very proud!
Your work! 55 OP - Ancient Greece time line - excellent!
Your work! 56 WR - just how we want to see maths work!
Your work! 57 SG - draft and corrected version of image writing
Your work! 58 OJY Tunnel poem - brilliant!
Your work! 59 CD Challenge Friday poem - missing you too!
Your work! 60 DC - Challenge Friday pancakes - delicious!
Your work! 61 WR - Challenge Friday: Battenburg cake - wow!
Your work! 62 EB Challenge Friday poem - what a view!
Your work! 63 OP Challenge Friday nature art - really lovely!
Your work! 64 OP's new sport - trampoline basketball - fab!

Celebration "shout out"

Who deserves a special mention for spotting today's deliberate mistake? For an exceptional piece of work? For just anything that has made us smile?

Monday 30th March: CD for being the 1st to complete the Ancient Greeks timeline - brilliant! AR, JR, EB, CD, OJY, KC, ED, KJ and ES for brilliant spelling scores today - well done all! JR, OJY, EB, CD for starting their work on the Ancient Greeks - excellent start! SG for being the only one to solve all 3 countdown challenges - fab work!

Tuesday 31st March: 8.30am and AR (1) and CD (all 3) correct answers to today's riddles - wow! Well done to our other riddle solvers: KJ, SG and EB. Fabulous ppt presentations coming in: thank you to AR, KJ and OJY - fab! Big "shout out" to JR for suggesting lots of new websites this morning - and WR for sharing a fab link re the Ancient Olympics - great!

Wednesday 1st April: some more Ancient Olympics ppts - well done! Great The Highway Man poem fro KJ - on Video Resource Centre - worth a look! CD and WR for superb maths and grammar work - so neat! JR and CD for thinking about the amazing facts!

Thursday 2nd April: CD and ES for super poems inspired by the English images! KJ, JR, OP and CD for being riddle champions! CD for excellent maths work - as always! Beautiful writing from SG, EB, KC - well done! OP for his work on Ancient Greece -excellent!

Friday 3rd April: my class - each and every member of the class has been the brightest star and deserves the biggest "shout out" possible - you are all superstars!!