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Celebrating YOUR work

Eddy's fantastic treehouse design

Space work

Space work 1 Jess H's poster
Space work 2 Olivia G's space kit

Isabella researched an astronaut....

Our home learning pictures...

Sofia has been busy writing...

Sofia has been busy writing... 1
Ms Bridgett & Tilly were inspired by Sofia's song to have a go at writing their own rap. May I present to you, Missy B & T-Pops! Click on the VRC link....

Lovely dog pictures! 24.03.20

Sofia has written a song about the coronavirus. Click here to see her performance of it!

Butterflies 23.03.20

Butterflies 23.03.20 1 Jess L's Butterfly writing 23.03.20
Butterflies 23.03.20 2 Rhys' lovely paper butterfly 23.03.20