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escape!    (a narrative poem by Sofia)                                           


As I crept out of bed I listened for a swish of a cloak...

Nothing. I moved on.  

I am running, I am going, I am leaving the house,

but a backwards glance, a weakness trance

and that could be the end of my prance.


The trees waved egging me on,

but something wasn't right.

My thoughts were slurred,

my senses were gone and then everything went black.

was running, I was going, I was leaving the house,

but I did do a backwards glance, I did go into a weakness trance

and so that was the end of my prance...

A nonsense poem from James


Apple Tree

apple tree apple tree 

where could the apple be

glistening red 

like my bed

little bit green 

like Mr Bean

there were a bunch 

with a crunch

Sofia has been practising for Choir....

Still image for this video

Olivia G's skittles investigation

Rhys' half-term activities

The old railway station in Helmdon
..what it looks like today!
Pebble decorating
Tree climbing
Group art with the family

Some more kitchen science for Jess - she made a lava lamp using an old bottle, cooking oil and food colouring!

Not to be outdone by Tilly, looks like Martha also has a new hairdo....😁

Logan's been keeping busy...

Sofia's presentation, linked to the geography topic of The Americas

Zoom in to read the labels on Jess L's shocking sugar discovery!

Oscar's Lego model

Tilly's kept least it's someone who looks like Tilly, but has blue hair!!!

Rhys’ VE Day celebrations....and some DT!

We'll meet again....

Still image for this video

James created this in Night Zookeeper. I think he makes me look like Zippy! Do you agree?

James' creation
Zippy from Rainbow - ask your parents!

Henry's lockdown actvities...

VE Day preparations

Tilly is reading Malory Towers...before she watches the TV series!

Jess is honing her Masterchef skills...

Masterchef at work
Meatloaf Wellington - in all its glory
Meatloaf Wellington

What has Charlie been up to?

Keeping active in the garden
Walking his dog
Letter writing

Sofia is keeping busy...

Apart from the pyjamas, this is true Sofia!
Enjoying her reading, as always
Very technical knitting!
She's discovered a love of football

More creations...

James' traffic light biscuits
Jess H's insects
Matha's dragon from The Black Hat
Matha's apple crumble

Rhys has been enjoying the Astwell Track on his bike. How are you staying active?

Martha has also been busy...

..and chicken wrestling! (Just kidding!)

James has made this super stop-motion animation, in honour of St George!

Still image for this video

Rhys has also been creative! Annabelle has taught him to finger knit....

Olivia had a go at portrait drawing

Olivia has been busy 'creating' over the Easter holidays!

Eddy's fantastic treehouse design

Space work

Isabella researched an astronaut....

Our home learning pictures...

Sofia has been busy writing...

Ms Bridgett & Tilly were inspired by Sofia's song to have a go at writing their own rap. May I present to you, Missy B & T-Pops! Click on the VRC link....

Lovely dog pictures! 24.03.20

Sofia has written a song about the coronavirus. Click here to see her performance of it!

Butterflies 23.03.20

Jess L's Butterfly writing 23.03.20
Rhys' lovely paper butterfly 23.03.20