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Today, to get back in the mood for school work, I would like you to do some vocabulary work. Work through the powerpoint, being as imaginative as you can. By the end of slide 5 you should have 12 sentences written. Check they all have capital letters and full stops, you might even have used exclamation marks.

As an extra challenge, have a go at slide 6. You need to put in all the missing punctuation  - capital letters, commas and full stops. To help with knowing where to put commas, read the sentences out loud and every time you need to pause to breathe or to help it make sense, that’s where to put a comma.


I would like you to do a little bit of non-fiction writing today, so everything must be a fact.

Look at the powerpoint of the life cycle of barn owls. On the sheet can you use each box to write a paragraph about each stage of the life cycle. You could add a picture too if you like.  



The title of the book we are going to work on for the next few weeks is ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’. It tells you straight the problem in this story: owls are supposed to like the dark and not be afraid of it!

Read extract 1, this is the first part of Chapter 1.


Task 1

Use Extract 1 to find words that describe Plop and then words that describe night. Can you find the alliteration too?

Task 2

Use the conjunction sheet to extend the sentences given by adding one of the suggested conjunctions.


On the Extract 1 sheet highlight or underline the spoken words. Remember to just underline the words that the characters actually speak.

Later in the story Plop meets a Boy Scout. Use the sheet to put in the punctuation in the dialogue between the boy and his mum.

Then write your own continuation of the conversation, eg,”What did he do then?” etc


Today is a reading day. I would like to complete the reading comprehension. Try to write a full sentence for each answer and don’t start with ‘because’.     

If you can, either today or over the weekend or even next week, pop up to school to collect a copy of ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’. There are lots of copies of the story in a plastic box outside the school front door. Each book has been wiped and is wrapped in plastic. If possible, I would like you to come and collect a book which you can then keep at home until either you return to school or it is the end of term. I will plan work based on this book for the next few weeks.

When you have got your copy of the book read all of chapter 1 – Dark is Exciting.