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VE Day Celebrations

This Friday marks a very important anniversary - 75 years since VE Day. VE stands for Victory in Europe and in May 1945, towards the end of World War II, fighting against Nazi Germany ended in Europe.

To mark this anniversary, there is a special Bank Holiday on Friday. Schools, shops and businesses would normally be closed and people would have enjoyed celebrations around the country. These celebrations probably won't happen now, but you and your family could still mark the anniversary at home.

- Enjoy a VE Day picnic in your garden or on your front doorstep

- Decorate your home or front door in red, white and blue or with Union Flags

- Make some red, white and blue bunting

- Try some VE Day rationing recipes

- Design a commemorative teacup, for people to use at a celebration tea party

- Send a postcard to a friend, telling them all about how you celebrated VE Day

- Design a VE Day medal for returning soldiers


We are living through a significant moment in history! Why not create a time capsule for your 'future self' to remember this time?