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Good morning Penguins. 

Time for something a little different! Rather than the usual maths, English, science and topic lessons we have set you all a project. You will be able to use your own ideas and be as creative as you like. If there is a piece of work you are proud of and would like to share it, please bring it into school over the next couple of weeks.




You may wish to look at all animals, a particular group of animals such as rainforest animals, mini-beasts, pets or  endangered animals. 

Here are some ideas to get you going but this is your project so you can approach it in anyway you like. 

Using your writing skills

  • Write an acrostic poem or a riddle.
  • Make a quiz. 
  • Write an animal story. Think about the stories we have read in class like Fantastic Mr Fox.
  • Think about environmental issues and how they affect animals, for example pollution in the sea. Make a poster that we could display in school. You might write to our MP or a supermarket and make suggestions about what we need to do to protect wildlife or ask questions about what they are doing to help.
  • Do some research - it could be about a particular animal or group of animals. Find out about record breakers, habitats, lifespan etc. Use your research to make a factfile or leaflet, include pictures and ‘Did You Know?’ boxes. You could create this by hand or using the computer.
  • Write a diary imagining you are a particular animal. What would your day be like?
  • Imagine you are an animal living in a zoo. Write a letter to the visitors - what would you tell them? Do you like living there and seeing visitors?

Using your scientific skills.


  • Create a diagram of a life cycle.  
  • Do some research into how animals have adapted to their habitat. Why do camels have long eye lashes?.
  • Draw a food chain – who eats what?
  • Think about environmental issues and how they affect animals, for example pollution in the sea. Make a poster that we could display in school. (Think about last week's  science investigation into water pollution) .

Using  your creative skills.

  • Make a model of your chosen animal 
  • Do some art work or colouring.
  • Be a wild animal friend by making a bird feeder, or planting some flower seeds for the insects.
  • Design a game. it could be similar to Top Trumps or Snap or Snakes and Ladders, eg giraffes and elephants – up the necks and down the trunks!
  • Design a new fish, beetle or bird that has never been seen before – Where does it live? What does it eat?
  • Design packaging for a product linked with animals - pet food/an animal toy or game/a gift for an animal,
  • Listen to Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens Could you compose some music of your own?
  • Make a diorama showing where your animals live.                                                                                                         
  • Plan and design a Wildlife or safari park. Write notices to give information about the specific animals, including the care of mammals (food, protection from disease, maintaining health, sleeping habits); their characteristics; the terms used for male, female, young; fun facts; warnings to advise visitors how to stay safe, e.g. ‘lions sleep 18-20 hours in every 24’.

                                           Here are some more more ideas.





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