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Friday 16th October


We made it!  Our last day of remote learning.  Well done everyone laugh

Before I carry on, can I just say thank you for sending all of your wonderful pictures of the 3D artwork you created yesterday.  They were fabulous.  If you would like me to display them in the classroom, please do bring them in. I would love to meet all of your new 3D friends.  

One of our activities today is watching my recording of Chapter 4 from The Firework Maker's Daughter.  I have made a video recording of the chapter this time for you to compare with my voice recording for Chapter 3.  You will find the video in your journal but I have set the activity separately in your activity feed.  If you have any trouble finding them, please just email me and I can help you.  

I can't wait to see you all again on Monday yes



For those of you who would like some additional learning activities, why not explore some of the links I have included below in the sunshine sections.  You DO NOT have to do anything extra than the work that has been set,  these links/activities are ONLY if you would like to do extra work.  If you would like to share any extra work, you could post it on Seesaw. yes




Here is your timetable for today:


Timetable for Friday 16th October

Lesson 1: English - set by Mrs Jenkins on Seesaw

Break: Time for a snack (yum yum)

Lesson 2: Science set by Mrs Jenkins on Seesaw

Lunch: Yum Yum

Suggested activities for the afternoon

Lesson 3: Whole class reader - Chapter 4 The Firework Maker's Daughter - set by Mrs Jenkins on Seesaw

Lesson 4: PSHE - set by Mrs Jenkins on Seesaw

Golden Time


Have a great day

Mrs Jenkins smiley