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Getting ready for live lessons!

Before you join a live lesson it is important that you discuss the following information with a grown-up to make sure you fully understand Helmdon's expectations when using Zoom.


All of the above will guide you as to what is expected as a "live lesson student".

It is important that:

  • You do not share the zoom link with anyone outside your class.
  • You do not share your screen unless instructed by your teacher.
  • Let your teacher know in advance if you are unable to attend a live lesson (if this is possible)
  • You should not be in your bedroom whilst taking part in a school live lesson
  • An adult should be in the same room as you at all times whilst you are in the meeting.


Follow this link to watch a short video to help explain our expectations.


Please be patient with us as technology does not always behave itself!  

We can't wait to see you all.  smiley

Today’s video is one you might remember watching in an assembly in school. As you watch it think about how everything that happens causes something else to happen.

Monday 25th January

Good morning and welcome to Week 4 of this term - already!

I am incredibly proud of how hard everyone worked last week - a HUGE WELL DONE - especially to those who took the time to listen to my voice-recorded comments and then corrected or edited their work. This is exactly what we're looking for: perseverance and  pride in your work.

Please make sure you check the timetable below as our live lessons will change on Wednesday.

We'll begin the week with Maths' lessons, continuing our work on algebra, before switching focus to English on Wednesday.

On Friday, we will be doing something a little different during our Science lesson (watch this space!) and you will complete arithmetic independently.


I have a feeling this is going to be a brilliant week - let's make sure it is!

Suggested timetable for this week


9-10  : LESSON 1 -  Monday and Tuesday: Maths live lesson via Zoom (Wednesday - Friday, we will focus on English during the live lessons)

10-10.20: Reading - we'll continue with Darwin's Dragons or Skellig.

10.20-10.40: Break - fresh air and a snack!


10.40-11.40 : LESSON 2 - Monday and Tuesday: English on Seesaw (Wednesday - Friday, a maths lesson will be assigned to you on Seesaw)

11.40-12: Key Skills - TTRockstars or spelling work or quiet reading (make a not in your reading record)


12-1 : Lunch - more fresh air!


1-2 : LESSON 3 - set by Mrs Harvey on Seesaw


2-3: Free choice activity - outdoors in the fresh air is so good for our wellbeing or use the link below to choose something a little different from the suggestions on all the subpages.