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Good morning,

I firstly want to say thank you all for your support, messages, video's etc. You have been a very busy lot and I am constantly amazed by your ingenuity. I've enjoyed seeing the children at home but I am really looking forward to getting back to a normal school day and it has made me appreciate my job more than ever. In the meantime keep doing what you're doing, there is no pressure to do any of the activities. If however you feel you need something more/ different please let me know. Again if you wish to change reading books or borrow resources let me know and I will leave them in the box by the main reception door.

This week I thought we would focus on the Arctic which would have been our theme for this term. There are lots of great programmes/ video's suitable for this age range out there so please let me know if you find something of interest and we can share ideas. This is a good opportunity to write about real, factual things rather than fictional stories as well as learning lots of new vocabulary. Arctic animals are always a favourite and the children can pick and choose the creatures that most interest them. 

I have given you a Powerpoint to share with your children and lots of different activities related to the topic. Have fun and hopefully I will see what you've been doing on seesaw.


I have put the booklet on as a reminder of how we teach phonics using the Read,Write Inc. scheme. You may have seen this already but it could be helpful as a refresher. We have been working through the Set 1 sounds and only needed to cover ng and nk to complete it. Those children who are very comfortable using the sounds to break down words when reading will now be using the sounds to write words for themselves. Often they will be aware that the spelling is 'wrong' and it is absolutely fine to furnish them with the correct spelling. However we are trying to teach the children to be independent writers with the emphasis on being able to read their own word/sentence once they have written it. As they learn different spellings for sounds the spelling will improve as long as they are confident in their own abilities to write. 

Any opportunities to read or write are worthwhile. I know it is easy to feel daunted when they are on the cusp of learning to read/ write but it is simply that the more they do the better they will become.

I will put some links on for useful websites and make a video for the children to look at on seesaw over the next few days.