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A note from Mrs H - Thursday 28th January, 2021

Next week, you will all need a protractor, which is a piece of equipment needed to measure angles. I’ll leave some outside the school front door for you to collect. Please tick your name off the class list when you take one. Brackley people - send me an email if you’d me to bring one to Brackley for you.

This Friday, let’s share our lunch together in the live lesson. Be prepared to show us what you’re munching!


Read Nizrana Farook's 'The Girl Who Stole an Elephant' for free this week from the Virtual Library. Mrs Pearson has read it and wholeheartedly recommends it!


Daily riddle - email me your answers.
Well done to all those of you who answered yesterday’s riddle correctly:  

How do you make the number 7 even, without using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? Take off the s, to make s-even ‘even’!


Today’s riddle: I run around the whole school field, without moving. What am I?


I'll post the answer tomorrow....

Over and out ...

Suggested timetable for: Thursday 28th January


1 hour

LESSON 1 - English on Seesaw

Spellings activity

What makes a persuasive advert?

1 hour

LESSON 2 - Maths on Seesaw

Angles within a shape

20 mins



1 hour

LESSON 3 - Music on Seesaw

For my year 5s - we meet Thor


LESSON 3 - PE on Seesaw

For Mrs J’s year 5s

20 mins




Live Lesson on ZOOM 

LIVE lesson on ZOOM - link emailed.

Link also added as an activity on Seesaw - children can access themselves.

Work available on Seesaw - aim to complete & mark this before 1pm


Key skills

TT Rockstars or  Sumdog (new weekly challenge set)
Quiet reading - Street Child, Virtual Library or free choice

Getting ready for live lessons!          

Before you join a live lesson it is important that you discuss the following information with a grown-up to make sure you fully understand Helmdon's expectations when using Zoom.


This poster will guide you to what is expected as a live lesson student.

It is important that:

  • You do not share the zoom link with anyone outside of your class.
  • You do not share your screen unless instructed by your teacher.
  • Let your teacher know in advance if you are  unable to attend a live lesson (if this is possible)
  • You should not be in your bedroom whilst taking part in a school live lesson
  • An adult should be in the same room as you at all times whilst you are in the meeting.


Follow this link to watch a short video to help explain our expectations.


Please be patient with us as technology does not always behave itself!  

We can't wait to see you all.  smiley