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A note from Mrs H - Friday 5th March, 2021 




Head to Seesaw for English (David Attenborough comprehension) and then Science (make a wildlife film in the style of David Attenborough). Don't forget the spellings test.

PE in the afternoon for my class, RE for Mrs B-M's.




Trouble in Paradise is an animated comedy following about Crabby, a small orange crab who lives on a tiny tropical island. The film made me think about perseverance and determination. I particularly liked that at the beginning it says it is a true story, I wonder if it is……?

Getting ready for live lessons!          

Before you join a live lesson it is important that you discuss the following information with a grown-up to make sure you fully understand Helmdon's expectations when using Zoom.


This poster will guide you to what is expected as a live lesson student.

It is important that:

  • You do not share the zoom link with anyone outside of your class.
  • You do not share your screen unless instructed by your teacher.
  • Let your teacher know in advance if you are  unable to attend a live lesson (if this is possible)
  • You should not be in your bedroom whilst taking part in a school live lesson
  • An adult should be in the same room as you at all times whilst you are in the meeting.


Follow this link to watch a short video to help explain our expectations.


Please be patient with us as technology does not always behave itself!  

We can't wait to see you all.  smiley