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Keep moving!

It's so important, now more than ever, that we all stay active. Northamptonshire Sport have put together a great list of ways to achieve this, including dancing, physical challenges and access to the resources we use in school to teach PE! Click on the link below...
Starting on Monday 4th May, Northamptonshire Sport will be launching the Virtual School Games. Each week, a set of three sporting challenges will be set for children, teachers and parents to try both schools and at home. All activities have been designed so that no specialist equipment is needed and you can take part using only things you can find around your house. I have put the link to register in the keep moving section.
There are so many new and innovative ways to keep fit and healthy whilst observing social distancing. Have a go today:
For Real PE access at home (the top suggestion from the list above), go to: 
Parent email:
Password: helmdonpri