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I thought we could all do with a change, as White Rose seem to be repeating lessons we've already done in lockdown! Let's give the Oak National Academy maths lessons a whirl. When they talk about pausing the video to answer the questions on the worksheet, they simply mean you should answer the questions that are on the screen. It's not actually possible to print the worksheet! Just answer the questions in your maths book or on any paper you have at home - you do not need to write out the questions.


Where I could find one, I have added some relevant worksheets from other teaching websites to go with each Oak Academy lesson. Please use these if you find them preferable to the video 'worksheets'.

Monday's work
Tuesday's work
Wednesday's work
Thursday's work
Friday's work
For more of a challengehead to the NRich website, which has hundreds of maths activities (some interactive and some printable) for those who love a mathematical puzzle.