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Discussion points.

  • What are the four points of a compass?
  • What do we use a compass for?
  • Who might use a compass?
  • What is a route?

You could use Google maps to look at and plan routes to places you visit. Use the routes when you go out for a walk or drive.

 Tuesday Music lesson


Continue to learn a new language! You can choose from French, Spanish, Mandarin or German.


Thursday Design and Technology Lesson

Fish the facts.

Explain where fish comes from and why it is important to eat it.

You could use cookery books at home or the internet to see if you can find a new recipe using fish to impress your family with.

Friday Science Lesson

Identify and describe the basic structure of common flowering plants by observing and sketching them. 

You might like to try this link to 12 top ideas for fun with scrabble letters  :

Then search 'fun with scrabble letters'