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Our achievements

Working hard at decimals (the lollipop helps!)
A poem written by JD
Can you guess what this is a model of?  Made by KH
MW's new friend
AL's bunting design
A Stone Age wordsearch
Grid work by JD
AL's application for a Blue Peter badge
MW's spelling joy
HA is loving online learning
AL's homemade lava lamp
Can you name the type of plane HW has made?
A Google logo design by IL
BH's scrumptious baking
Close up of BH's creations
A den created by JD
AL's cute strawberry
AL's paper creativity

KH's virtual cub camp

AL's crafty sign
AL doing some forest school den building
HW's beautiful bunting now in Mum's workshop
A tie-dying project by AL
Where could AL and RL be?
A really helpful book recommended by HW
Fun in the sun
IL playing some tunes
EH creating a bottle car
A close up of the unique design

PowerPoint Presentations

WR with her homemade javelin

WR's homemade javelin in action

Still image for this video
AL's new friend on nature walk
Beautiful artwork by MC

NJ's dabbing sharks (Coding activity)

Still image for this video

Look at what we have achieved

LA concentrating hard on his work
Hour of code achieved by KH
AS demonstrating his amazing art skills
HA persevering though some tough Maths
Cheeky HA always smiling
Art session with HA's family
A beautiful peacock by JC
Outdoor art by LA
Window message by LA
LA working on his Maths
Hour of Code certificate achieved by JD
JD's history work
JD's shopping activity
IL's artwork of the Eiffel Tower
IL's artwork of London Bridge
HA learning about poo!
HA teaching his family about poo!
HW's very convincing fidget spinner letter
AL's letter to our wonderful Captain Tom Moore
Artwork with an important message from AL
WR's map with a smile
Close up of WR's map
EH's artwork of Pippa
EH's map of Brackley
HA's research poster
HA finding his way around Brackley
HA writing to the Queen
KH coding on Minecraft
What is AL preparing?
A scrumptious smoothie!!
SO completing money activity
KS applauding the NHS in a very chilled manner.
MW and CW applauding the NHS with pride.
NJ applauding the NHS mightily.
 WR applauding the NHS looking very business like!
 HW/ LW/ EW applauding the NHS. Lil sis in charge!
PT and JT applauding the NHS with big smiles.
EC applauding the NHS.  Fab hair-do!
EH applauding the NHS with her mysterious partner!
HA applauding the NHS with a cheesy grin
HW applauding the NHS with style....rock on!!!!
IL and NL applauding the NHS with big grins
JD and ND applauding the NHS with the cute factor
KH learning about teeth.
JD's work on teeth
Minecraft coding by JD
MW and CW learning about Colin Cow and Laura Lion
MW and CW learning about teeth
Rock on!
Busy bee AS
Artwork by HA
Audio fun!
EC's wolf work
 Hard at work
Rock painting
KH's score on Hit the Button
Can you guess the story?
EC's score on 'Hit the Button'
HWilk's sketch - Can you find the Truffula tree?
AL kneading the dough
Bread baked by AL
Artwork by MC
AL den building
AL finding wood for den building
EH's clown - toilet roll challenge
EC's magic tree
HWils exercising!
Rock painting by HWils
A daffodil by WR
AL's cooking
Craft work by AL
MW and his maths work
Daffodil by James D
Science work by James D
Castle sketch
Daffodil sketch
Toilet roll challenge achieved
Keep out! Naomi hard at work

Celebrating Pyjamarama Day!

Artwork by KH and his Mum
KH and his Mum have been busy!
IL sharing a story in his story den
GD sharing a story with her beloved pet
HW's bear in pyjamas
Mrs Jenkins' bear in pyjamas
EC reading in her pjs
NJ in her up-side-down world
EC's artwork skills

75th VE Day Celebrations

BH salutes you on VE day
KH VE Day poster
KH VE Day house decorations
KH VE Day thoughts
A fabulous display board in Helmdon
AL's decorated front garden
Anyone fancy a game? AL's game
EC's beautiful bunting
NJ VE Day pic nic
Chalk painting for VE Day NJ
A family craft session preparing the bunting
HW's fabulous bunting hung and ready
AL and RL preparing for VE Day celebrations
A VE Day report by JD