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Annabelle busy with her vegetable patch
Sophie enjoying her new birthday present
Eddie enjoying a FaceTime call with Granny
Lucas in a newly found den
Noah enjoying coding on Purple Mash
Introducing robotic Zach!
Luca O's impressive planes and cars display
Freya with her Blue Peter Badge
Zach sending his posctcard to Mrs B
Eddie making a bug hotel
Lucas's great alligator drawing
Oliver's birthday bouncy castle sleepover
Zach having breakfast in bed for Olivia's birthday
Luca happy in his sofa cabin
Noah's great dog drawing
Grace enjoying making slow cooker chocolate fudge
Sophie having a water fight!
Annabelle completing some work
Freya playing noughts and crosses with her Grandma
Lucas playing with his split pin knight
Luca camping in the garden for the first time
Zach learning about nocturnal animals
Freya thanking key workers
Sophie reading in her den
Eddie with some excellent adjectives
Noah celebrating his birthday on April 16th
Lucas with his great triceratops picture
Luca with his homemade crown
Luca with his fantastic drawing of Indie
Luca enjoying Karate Cat on BBC Bitesize
Oliver building a den in the garden
Oliver's lovely castle drawing
Lucas enjoying Draw with Rob
The Smart Family's impressive cave
Freya doing a zoom dance class

Freya's stop motion video

Still image for this video