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Class reader - Danny the Champion of the World

It's a good idea to read every day, so I thought we could continue with our class reader, Danny the Champion of the World. To help with the reading, here is an audio version of the book. Why not read along with it? It is an 'abridged' version, which means that some parts of the story have been missed out to make it shorter, so don't be surprised if it seems to 'jump'! Each of these 30 audio files covers about 5 minutes' reading of the book.

01 Track 1.wma

02 Track 2.wma

03 Track 3.wma

04 Track 4.wma

05 Track 5.wma

06 Track 6.wma

07 Track 7.wma

08 Track 8.wma

09 Track 9.wma

10 Track 10.wma

Track 11

Track 12

Track 13

Track 14

Track 15

Track 16

Track 17

Track 18

Track 19

Track 20

Track 21

Track 22

Track 23

Track 24

Track 25

Track 26

Track 27

Track 28

Track 29

Track 30