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Good morning and welcome to this new way of learning!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and been especially well behaved for your mums on Mother's Day. We need to make sure that you keep going with all your hard work and practice your reading and writing daily. I will also put a number activity on each day and some suggestions of other things you can be doing while at home. Don't forget to count to 100 every day and do the exercises to keep yourself fit. Grown ups are allowed to join in as they need to stay fit and active too. Also it would be lovely to see what you've been up to on Tapestry or you can email any photographs to me.

Good morning everyone, whatever you managed to do last week well done. This is new for all of us , including me, and I have tried to make it a bit more manageable this week. I know some of you are having problems with printing and that is why I have put the whole week on and hope you can find different things to do each day. Please let me know if you can't access the work and I will try to get it to you somehow. I have put the RWInc list of sounds on so you can make sure the letters are being formed properly and a set of small cards with the Set 2 sounds which can be printed and used to practice the sounds. I have been introducing the Set 2 sounds at the rate of one a week and the last one taught was igh so please continue to teach the new sounds if you feel confident. This weeks story is Brenda's Boring Egg, follow the same format as last week, read the story, talk about it, map it and re-tell it. Try to do a couple of pieces of semi independent writing, keep the sentences simple and manageable. Remember gaps and a full stop and don't worry too much about spelling. There is a little Easter themed maths book which has a variety of activities. Little and often seems to be the key for most children of this age. Good luck and e mail me if you have any queries.


If you need something extra for maths  try www.whiterosemaths/homelearning. The learning is based on books which you do not have to purchase and there is a video for extra clarity.