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Science Lesson for 4th June


Today we are learning about the habitats of animals.  I would like you to try the Kahoot quiz challenge that I have set.  This will help you later in the lesson.  Once you have completed the Kahoot challenge, you will now have an idea of what a quiz about this topic looks like.  Your task today, is to research information about different habitats and create a quiz for your family (or friends in class) to do.  I have emailed a PowerPoint Quiz template to everyone to use but if you want to create your own quiz using hyperlinks in PowerPoint you can.  

Updated information: When you have opened the attachement, can you see at the top there is an orange strip that says PROTECTED VIEW?  Go to the right of the orange strip where it says Enable Editing.  Click on this and then it will allow you to type.

I have included a link to a video about habitats.  This might help you in your research also.  

Don't forget to use Kiddle when doing an internet research.  Can you remember why?

I would love to add some quizzes to our rainbow page so do make sure you email them to me.  



Living Things and their Habitats

There are lots of videos here all about digestion.  You don't have to watch them all.  Choose one that you like the look of and watch it to find out more about digestion.   

There is one video about how to make poo!  This is a really fun practical activity you might like to try or simply watch the video. It really shows what happens to food as you eat it.  It will also make you laugh a lot! laugh