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Week 7

Term 6 Week 2 - starting Monday 8th June


Hello Year 3,.


This week in maths will be looking at the topic of Measuring  some will be a recap of what we have learned before and some will be completely new. 


There will be a powerpoint each day which is really clear to follow with a voice that explains everything on the slide.


If you have any problems just email me at and I will help you as much as I can.  

Each lesson should take you an hour - just like at school.  


Times tables

Please carry on practising your x3 x4 x8 times tables every day. If you have mastered these then pleaase message me and I'll reset your TT Rockstars to include other tables.


Ask an adult to test you. Use TT Rockstars or Hit the Button to help you.  Learn the related division facts.



I will be adding lots of activities but do not feel you have to complete all of them in one go!



Please keep using this website as every week I will  add fresh activities. This week is a Measuring Challenge.

I can see from my computer how you are getting on with this - so Good Luck!




Today we are looking at Measuring Length


Like before, there is a voice that explains everything on the slide. Sometimes the voice will tell you to pause the slides and answer some questions on the worksheet before you carry on listening.  For the independent activity (the worksheet), make sure you don't Get the Answers' until you have finished all the questions.


Lesson 1 Measure Length





Today is Lesson 2 – Equivalent lengths m and cm


1. Click on the page link for your video

2. Stop where he tells you and work through the questions on the worksheet


When you have finished all of the questions click on the Answers to see if you are right.

Lesson 2 - Equivalent lengths m and cm






Today is Lesson 3 – Equivalent lengths cm and mm


 This is no more tricky than yesterday - just focus on which measurements have been used and listen carefully to the man on the slides. Good luck with the worksheet.


Good luck!

Lesson 3 - Equivalent lengths cm and mm





Today you are going to practise comparing lengths. When it comes to the worksheet, questions 5 and 6 ask you to measure your classmates. Sadly we are all in different places so perhaps you could measure your brother/ sister/ parents instead. Just do the best you can! 

Lesson 4 Compare Lengths






Today you are going to continue to use the website called where I have set you a Measuring challenge.  I will check in to see how you are getting on  - if you  are getting on well with the challenge I may be able to send you a 'reward' !


You need to click the link to the Sumdog website. it will ask you for a username and password. I  sent these to your school email address before half term.


When you have logged in, click on the Maths tab and get started with the challenge!  

  • Times Table Rally GameHow many questions can you get right in a minute. Practise to see if you can beat your own score. GOOD LUCK










Instructions about the times tables

The children are used to completing the times table grids on a Friday. They are given 6 minutes to complete the sheet and are encouraged to start with the 3's and work along as knowing the 3, 4 and 8 times tables is a year 3 goal.