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Who has been working hard? Send me your photos.

Hedgehogs in Reubens garden

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The Pet Escape by

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A Dirty Alien by IK

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Picture 1 Reuben's solar oven (and delicious biscuits)
Picture 2 Oliver making a fruit salad
Picture 3 Writing poetry
Picture 4 Cooking lunch.
Picture 5 Today's English lesson!
Picture 6 Today's English lesson!
Picture 7 A fabulous wombat
Picture 8 Keeping active
Picture 9 Fabulous facts about Richard 111
Picture 10 a recycled hedgehog
Picture 11 Fabulous art
Picture 12 Reuben's Family Tree
Picture 13 Learning new skills
Picture 14 Busy, busy
Picture 15 Fab spellings
Picture 16
Picture 17 Scary monsters
Picture 18 Fantastic baking
Picture 19 Looking for crystals.
Picture 20 Great spelling
Picture 21 Another fabulous medal.
Picture 22 working very hard
Picture 23 Ready for VE Day celebrations
Picture 24 Super medals for Captain Tom and the NHS
Picture 25 A fabulous medal - thank you
Picture 26 Trying out the new maths lesson
Picture 27 Reuben's acrostic poem
Picture 28 Serious tree observations going on here.
Picture 29 Fabulous Roman crowns
Picture 30 Brilliant subtraction
Picture 31 A hard working family.
Picture 32 Delicious!!
Picture 33 Another brilliant bridge
Picture 34 A future Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37 Amazing artwork from everyone today
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41 Tuesday's English
Picture 42 Tuesday's English
Picture 43 Tuesday's English
Picture 44 Tuesday's English
Picture 45 Time to bake
Picture 46 More great work
Picture 47 Well done
Picture 48 Oliver teaching his dad about money
Picture 49 Super work with money
Picture 50 Lots of money in this house
Picture 51 Even the pet tiger is embracing home learning!
Picture 52 A fabulous rocket
Picture 53 All ready to blast off
Picture 54 Penguins showing their great cooking skills
Picture 55 Making lunch for the family
Picture 56 Time to be creative
Picture 57 Making a mud kitchen
Picture 58 Ready for the VE Day celebrations