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Payment for late Fresh Start meal orders (KS2 children only)

Please remember to check that your children have either a completed Fresh Start order or a packed lunch every day.

However, we do understand that sometimes mistakes are made and we will always ensure that the children are fed if they have no ordered meal or packed lunch. Should we have to order a meal for your child, please call Fresh Start on 01869 226675 promptly to pay for the meal(s), and no later than 2.30pm on the Friday following the date that the meal is taken (ie for a meal taken during the week ending Friday November 9, payment must have been made by parents to Fresh Start by 2.30pm on Friday 16 November). If payment is not received by Fresh Start within this time frame, we will be charged for the meal(s) and will have to follow up parents for payment.


Please note that you are not able to pay online for meals ordered on the day.