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It is vital the Year 6 children read frequently. The children should also ensure regular practice on TTRockstars, which will help with multiplication tables.


In addition, homework will be set as follows:

Monday: multiplication tables tests

Wednesday: Maths homework to be completed before/by the following Tuesday.

Wednesday: Grammar homework to be completed before/by Monday of the following week.

Friday: reading records will be checked and progress logged; reading homework (class text) will be assigned


Additional pieces of homework may be set for the whole class or individual children as required.


Please ensure you have a homework diary or notebook in school at all times to record tasks and deadlines.





This year, spelling work will focus on investigating patterns, rules and word origins. There will not be weekly lists of words to learn or tests. Over a 2-week period, we will - together - investigate a statement (for example, if a suffix is added to a word ending in 'y', 'ure' or 'ear', then add 'ance'. How accurate is this?)  and then complete various short, 10-minute activities to reinforce our knowledge of words and spellings. This work will build on the more investigative approach Year 5 learned last year.

Year 3/4 and 5/6 statutory word lists

Have you tried these different strategies to help you learn spelling patterns, rules and words?