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Our weekly timetable can be found below. We will endeavour to adhere to this at all times, however, there may be times when we have to alter and change: we will always try to give as much notice as possible if this is the case.


Teaching Timetable:

Monday: Ms Lewis

Tuesday: Mrs Pearson (morning); Ms Lewis (afternoon)

Wednesday: Mrs Pearson

Thursday: Mrs Pearson

Friday: Mrs Pearson (morning); Mrs Zdyrko (afternoon)


Please ensure you have the following in school every day: 


  • PE kits/trainers, as we will - in addition to the twice weekly PE lessons - be running "our distance" around the mile-a-day track every day.
  • A water bottle.
  • A pencil case (remember: it MUST fit in your drawer!): pens, pencils, rulers etc will be provided, however, they must not be shared with anyone else in the class.
  • A homework book/diary to record tasks and deadlines.